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1-Year || Bible Ussher's Timeline (Chart: from Creation to Jesus)


The OLD TESTAMENT: begins with the five books of Moses, the "Pentateuch".
     Moses authored Exodus through Detuteronomy, as an eyewitness. In my humble opinion,
     he compiled and edited ancient records from eyewitness of the events to form Genesis.

The chronology followed here if that of The Chronology of the Old Testament, 15th edition, by
*   Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones, Th.D., Ph.D., April 2005, Master Books; ISBN 089051416X.

Map of the Middle East (Abraham's time and now)
Genesis Did Moses Author Genesis?
What Happened During Days 1 through 4?
*    Scientific Version of Days 1-4
*    Genesis 1:1-2:4. (View a PowerPoint presentation)
Creating versus Making
Adam's Family Tree
Who Were the Sons of God? (Genesis 6:1-7)
Terah's Family Tree (Abraham's Father, thus Family)
Map of the Middle East (Abraham's time and now)
Promise to Law: 430 Years
Timeline of Jacob's/Israel's Life
*    Israel's Sons in Birth Order
*    Timeline of Judah's Sons' Births (Genesis 38)
*    Jacob & Sons' Ages at Entry to Egypt
Time Bar-Chart from Adam to the Exodus
Chronologically, the events of Job likely occurred near the end of Genesis
Exodus Population Analysis: 215, not 430 or 400 years
Red Sea Crossing Point (and much fascinating information about Joseph's role in Egypt
Joshua Judah's lineage, down to David, and including Achan
Judges includes Ruth in the middle
Timeline of the Judges
Ruth appears about in the middle of Judges
Ruth was David's grandmother
Timeline of the Judges
1Kings includes Solomon's writings about in the middle, then Kings after Solomon
Kings of Judah paralleled with Kings of Israel, with dates and references
Source Materials: Kings of Judah and Israel
2Kings Kings of Judah paralleled with Kings of Israel, with dates and references
Father-Son Kings of Judah || Father-Son Kings of Israel
Source Materials: Kings of Judah & Israel
Kings of Judah after Hezekiah
1Chronicles parallels 1-2 Samuel, so it is included in them, and some elsewhere
2Chronicles parallels 1-2 Kings, so it is included in them, and some elsewhere
Ezra interleaved with Nehemiah per chronology, per Sir Isaac Newton
Nehemiah interleaved in Ezra as chronology demands, per Sir Isaac Newton
Esther follows Joel in the Ezr-Neh document
Job chronologically approximately between Genesis and Exodus
Who Were the Sons of God? (those in Job 1-2)
Psalms those of David's time follow 2 Samuel, except a few in 2 Samuel
then later psalms follow 2 Kings, for lack of better-known chronology
Proverbs included in the Writings of Solomon, chronologically in 1 Kings
Ecclesiastes included in the Writings of Solomon, chronologically in 1 Kings
Song of Songs included in the Writings of Solomon, chronologically in 1 Kings
Isaiah follows the Psalms of others than David, except that chs. 6-17 & 28 are in 2 Kings
See Interesting Facts About the Book of Isaiah
Jeremiah follows Isaiah, and includes Nahum, Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Daniel 1-3)
*    Summary of the Captivities, 70 years each
Lamentations follows 2 Chr 36:21 in the Ezekiel document
Ezekiel follows Jerimiah, & includes Jer 21,32-34,38-40,52 & Lam, Oba, Dan 4-9
Daniel chs. 1-3 are in Jeremiah; 4-9 in Ezekiel; 10-12 in Ezra
Hosea follows 2 Chronicles 26:15, in the 2 Kings document
Joel follows Zechariah in the Ezr-Neh document
Amos follows 2 Chronicles 26:15, in the 2 Kings document
Obadiah follows Ezekiel 34
Jonah follows 2 Kings 14:27
Micah 1, 2-7 ch. 1 follows 2Chr 27:6 in 2Kings; chs. 2-7 follow Isaiah 35
Nahum follows 2 Chronicles 35 in the Jeremiah document
Habakkuk follows Jeremiah 26
Zephaniah follows Nahum in the Jeremiah document
Haggai follows Ezra 5:1
Zechariah follows Haggai 2:23 in the Ezr-Neh document
Malachi follows Nehemiah 13:31 in the Ezr-Neh document


The NEW TESTAMENT: begins with four gospels written by three eyewitnesses and Luke.
      Luke carefully interviewed eyewitness and recorded their accounts.
The parallel gospels are presented in four parts: g1, g2, g3, and g4,
      an intricately detailed harmonization and comparison (following Jones).
The interwoven or merged gospels are in one document, as if by collaboration by the four.
*    These follow An Analytical RED LETTER HARMONY of the Four Gospels , 2nd Ed., by
*    Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones, Th.D., Ph.D., 2004, King Word Press, ISBN 0-9700328-8-9.
Acts chronological version includes James and Paul's epistles when they were written
Roman Timeline
Acts Timeline
Romans follows 2 Corinthians, chronologically
1Corinthians follows Acts 19:20, chronologically
2Corinthians follows Acts 20:3, chronologically
Galatians follows Acts 14, chronologically
Ephesians follows Acts, chronologically
Philippians follows Philemon, chronologically
Colossians follows Ephesians, chronologically; An Analysis
1Thessalonians follows Acts 18:3, chronologically
2Thessalonians follows 1 Thessalonians, chronologically
1Timothy follows Philippians, chronologically
2Timothy follows Titus, chronologically
Titus follows 1 Timothy, chronologically; An Analysis
Philemon follows Colossians, chronologically
Hebrews first epistle in the document containing Hebrews through Revelation
James follows Acts 15, chronologically
1Peter follows Hebrews
2Peter follows 1 Peter
1John follows Jude; precedes John's report of the revelation he was given
2John follows 1 John
3John follows 2 John
Jude follows 2 Peter
Revelation last book, last prophecy, written before AD 70 of which it prophesied
Revelation: Four Views: A Parallel Commentary by Steve Gregg